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Post by GloomyCherub on 6th August 2017, 4:58 pm

Hey people this month I wont be very active - I was already very late adding the monthly activities. So sorry  )8
My live is a bitch these past weeks and it seems not to get much better the next years...
I count on my PEep's that you stay active even without your gloomy poking you ;)
And therefor you also have a new Contest now running and I filled the Redoll Guide in, so be prepared for it. It'll start soon!

The Mini Color Race is kinda over cause we have 3 winners, who made it to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and I'll count for the awards only those dolls who made it in time in.
But you can still finish your own race to get 'the trophy of finishing it'.

And the Winners of the race get one more trophy:
1st Place goes to MechaMoons
2nd Place were settled by catman4ever
& 3rd Place won MelianAlcarime
Trophies made from OMS and GC

Awards will be posted when they are done in the Race Area, so watch out for it.

You can still find the race here to finish even when it'S no longer in the announcement header:

Congrats to OMS who made the 1st and only place x3
With that First Place you also got this trophy for yourself:

Made by GC
Also new Contest runs now that I closed the old.
And dont worry this is an easier one.  :grin

New Monthly Activities are added finally.

Only this month is left to add yourself to the yearbook of 2016/2017.


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