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Post by GloomyCherub on 5th June 2017, 10:29 pm

Kitsune Ryoshi: On the prowl for the golden Fox.
This Event will take place several times the year.

If it starts you'll see a new thread with what the race will be about.
for Example:
A number of Bases in Order to go.
A number of Themes to work with...

And than you open your Topic with following informations

in your first post:
- your name (that is what will be on the award)
- website (none is okay,too),
- other informations (all you need to tell me ;D)

in all following posts:
- picture of the doll
- credit of all that is needed (base/prop)
- information (like the theme that was used or what ever you want to tell about it)

When you made your last post please edit your first topic description to: FINISHED + DATE
And when you made that, please reply to the Race Announce Topic that you are ready :hun

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