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What about the Base Race Deadline?

NEWS JULY 2017  I_vote_lcap33%NEWS JULY 2017  I_vote_rcap 33% 
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NEWS JULY 2017  Empty NEWS JULY 2017

Post by GloomyCherub on 1st July 2017, 6:00 pm

NEWS JULY 2017  News_jul
I added this month a contest in the advertising at the head of PE.
(button is added to the news, too)
And made the Host Area available again.

NEWS JULY 2017  News_race
The Mini Color Race is still running.
And the poll in this news will set if it ends this month or goes on a bit more.
Since I also participate I see now that the time could be to small...
But better get your dolls done :hun
NEWS JULY 2017  Brminicolor

NEWS JULY 2017  News_contest
A limited color contest is running.
Read the topic to get to know more:
NEWS JULY 2017  Butcon10

NEWS JULY 2017  News_host
To personalize it more you can make your own tent at the gypsy camp.
And for a fee I will set up the subboards.
Right now only myself (as example and maybe also run sth in future) is settled in.
Hope many will follow.
NEWS JULY 2017  Contes10
For the next news be prepared, that I will show the new hostee tents in here, too.
Maybe also what runs in them.

NEWS JULY 2017  News_monthly
New Monthly Activities are added.
The Wight Base by Galadnilien
The Theme: Game of Thrones
The Thing: Cookies
NEWS JULY 2017  Butbas10 NEWS JULY 2017  Butthe10 NEWS JULY 2017  Butthi10

NEWS JULY 2017  News_yearbook
The Yearbook of 2016/2017 event is still running.
NEWS JULY 2017  Butyear1617

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