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Holiday Contest

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Holiday Contest Empty Holiday Contest

Post by GloomyCherub on 6th August 2017, 2:55 pm

Holiday Contest
Deadline 28th August

Summer finally arrieved and it's hot!
Even in the Empire and therefor our Empire OC's (that still needs their own section xD) want to get a nice dress!

So for this Contest you will  pick one of the Empire OC's
and change their clothes into something summerthemed!

And yes it dont have to look like middleage just be creative :hun
Following the OC's (beside Kings family) you can choose:
Holiday Contest 8430b6_768de262043d4fb9912625db0f7adbe5~mv2 Holiday Contest 8430b6_b55f3de4c1474dac8ac78c0b14e80f76~mv2 Holiday Contest 8430b6_40c42f424bf649559905a1d94f1e8752~mv2 Holiday Contest 8430b6_66d4a693105f42a8a6531cbd74ee4e17~mv2 Holiday Contest Penews10
On my page you'll find some more refs from the ones only made from me.
(Bases all mine - the Newsspeaker was a collab Doll from SissyB and myself)

With your Entry you also pay 200 gold in.

The Winners will get from the gold:
1st place= 25%
2nd place= 18%
3rd place= 15%
4th place= 12%
5th place= 10%
6th place= 8%
7th place= 6%
8th place= 3%
9th place= 2%
10th place= 1%
From the eleventh, there is no more prize money.

One Entry costs 200 gold!
Only enter your own work
No frankendolling, dollmaker- or kissdolls
You can submit two Entries but need to pay them.
Only one doll in one image!
NO Animation
Backgrounds allowed
Props allowed
Keep it PG-13 (no nudity/porn/splatter stuff)
Give credit! (even when the base is your own!)
Picture size limit is max 400x400 pixels
Please only submit .gif or .png
And remember only use the allowed OCs!

Simply enter your done doll with a reply to this topic.

Hope you will have fun
cya around

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