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Post by GloomyCherub on 3rd June 2017, 9:48 pm

NEWS JUNE 2017 News_jun
PE moved (again) so we can finally have a money system.
And yeah so it is :D
You finally get money from your posts.
To be exact you get between 0 and 20 gold, depending on where you post.
It is hopefully clear, that in a contest, where you win gold you won't get gold from posting ;)

I also added now...
...though the board features on Top a real Announcement Box
...also on the Bottom is a live Chat you can login to chat with other PEeps
...the Adult Area, that you can see when you are a Grown Up-Group member.

NEWS JUNE 2017 News_race
The Mini Color Race is still running.
Where you have to go through 11 colors.
NEWS JUNE 2017 Brminicolor

NEWS JUNE 2017 News_monthly
New Monthly Activities are added (already since the 1st of June).
NEWS JUNE 2017 Butbasejun17 NEWS JUNE 2017 Butthemejun17 NEWS JUNE 2017 Butthingjun17

NEWS JUNE 2017 News_yearbook
Finally you can add yourself to the yearbook of 2016/2017.
NEWS JUNE 2017 Butyear1617

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