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Collectable Badges?

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Collectable Badges? Empty Collectable Badges?

Post by Chikin 3rd July 2017, 3:44 am

This is my first time coming to Pixelempire, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it, or if you all already have something like this but;
I was thinkin'
It would be cool if for winning 1st place in official contests you got a pixeled badge that went with the theme for the contest, that the winner could place in their signature. The badges could look like anything from coat-of-arms to more pokemon style badges, or even look like merit badges with the contest theme, each style depending on contest.
The badges would be roughly the same size, like 100 x 100 or 50x 50 pixels or something.

For example, the limited palette contest could be a badge the shape of a rainbow with a few of the selected palette colors on it. I think it would be a nice incentive to join contests with the idea of trying to collect the badges. And maybe somewhere on the badge lettering could be worked in that says what contest it was from. Like; Limited Palette - 2017

And with stuff like base races, or events like the 2017 yearbook, there could be mini badges for participating in the event. There was this one site that used "charm bracelets" and you got little charms to add to your signature for participating in events. (or winning I can't remember)

so something along those lines would be really cool! Thoughts?

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Collectable Badges? Empty Re: Collectable Badges?

Post by GloomyCherub 3rd July 2017, 10:23 am

in the past I made mini trophys for the baserace (that will come at the end again):
Collectable Badges? Pe_20110Collectable Badges? Pe_20111

you mean sth like that, yes?

so be sure it exist already for this community ;)

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