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Heyas all !

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Heyas all !  Empty Heyas all !

Post by Heartsdesire 28th December 2017, 3:13 pm

Gosh it has been so long but I never really lost that love of pixel dolls or drawing but what can I say life sort of got in the way but here I am back after nearly 9 years !

Let me introduce myself to you all , my name is Lisa and I am from South Australia , I am 39 years old age and happily married with 6 children yes oh dear ! 6 lol , 5 boys and 1 girl !

I started drawing cartoon dolls back in the year 2000 and in 2001 I opened my website "Heartsdesire's Fantasy" , over the years I went from tool shading to finding my love of pixel shading , making my own bases and finding my own style.

In 2008 a few things happened I had 4 children by then and 3 of them were under the age of 4 , so my life was so busy but I created a web page design that was stolen pixel by pixel the only thing changed was the heading name and the credits , they stole most of my dolls and bases and even made some of my dolls into a doll-maker only reason I knew is some friends noticed and let me know , and to be honest it took me ages to get it taken down I ended up deleting my site and just letting it go..... I just lost that passion.

As I said I now have a daughter and my Mum said I should make her a doll-maker she loves Elsa and Anna and the disney princesses so I found a disk with my old bases on it and I sat drawing a doll and well yes I am back and not going anywhere any time soon !

My plan is to work on bringing Heartsdesire's Fantasy back , working on turning my sketches into pixel art, doll-makers , more bases and work on new dolls , basically yep I am back !

So heyas all <3 I missed so many people and seeing so many names I remember makes me so happy !

A photo of my family <3 and me of course ! my kids are Adien ( the eldest 21 ) Joel , Joshua , Jamie , Jasmine and Jack

Heyas all !  RdYyJ5U

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Heyas all !  Empty Re: Heyas all !

Post by OhMyStars 4th January 2018, 10:25 pm

Hey Lisa, welcome back to dolling! I'm excited to see you return and can't wait for your site to be up and running again.

You have a beautiful family. Smile

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