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Post by GloomyCherub on 6th August 2017, 4:21 pm

The redoll section works this way:

  • When the Event opens you have a lil time > one week <  to sign up.
    How to sign up:
    Use following Code:
    Base Site Preferences:
    Dolls to Redoll (post 3 to 5)
    1st Doll
    2nd Doll
    3rd Doll
    (4th Doll)
    (5th Doll)

  • When the sign up time is over you get told who you have to redoll and in what group you are for this event.
    So look on the Sign in Topic where all wishes are posted and choose one.
    What are Groups?
    Guide Redoll10 Guide Redoll11
    There is a blue and a red group that cant see each other.
    (This works not for admins ;) )
    And the one you got is always in the other group,
    so you are save to post wips in your group to get some cc.

  • Now you work your redoll with the specific themed choosen till you are done.
    And best before deadline of the event is reached ;)
    Yes, sure! Else it would be a lil to easy ;D
    Normally the Event tells you how to edit. Like a Theme to go with and/or Objects to add.
    Why do you add a deadline?
    Obviously to have a point where a new redoll can start joking :joy
    But you dont need to stress yourself out!
    It is at the end the date when all redolls are posted.

  • When you finished the redoll you send it to me per PM.
    When I have all I can post them together on the day of the deadline,
    or earlier when all are done :3

  • At the end all will hopefully be happy having a sweet giftie :3

If you have any more questions simply ask them here as a reply :hun

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