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Winter Fantasy Contest

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Winter Fantasy Contest Empty Winter Fantasy Contest

Post by OhMyStars 3rd December 2017, 2:18 am

Winter Fantasy Contest OaEuDQH
Deadline: Jan 31st

Happy holidays everyone! It's time for a new contest here on the Empire. This time the theme is Winter Fantasy. Create a fantasy inspired doll in a winter setting or theme. For example you might doll something like fairies ice skating or a bundled up centaur sipping hot cocoa in the snow. Whatever your vision, we're excited to see your interpretations. Have fun!! :grin


Winter Fantasy Contest DR2fN2t
Each Entry costs 200 gold! (max 2 entries)
Only one doll in one image!
Only enter your own work
Backgrounds/props allowed
Give credit! (even if the base is yours!)
Max size limit 400x400 pixels
Must be a .gif or .png image.

No frankendolling, dollmaker- or kissdolls
No Animation
No nudity/porn/excessive gore

Questions? Ask them below.

Winter Fantasy Contest SKyMjpS

Entry costs Winter Fantasy Contest XA7BIaT200 gold.

The Winners will get a percentage of the total gold collected:
1st place= 25%
2nd place= 18%
3rd place= 15%
4th place= 12%
5th place= 10%
6th place= 8%
7th place= 6%
8th place= 3%
9th place= 2%
10th place= 1%
11th & onward = 0%

Winter Fantasy Contest LF3H7iF

Entries so far: 0


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